Fake Calculator - Secret Vault & Private Browser App Reviews

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Needs to hold gifs and videos

Its great bit being able to have gifs and videos would make it amazing

What could be added

So I think you should add a notes section so you can write personal things down


I forgot my password and idk what to do. Other than that it’s a good app😂

Can’t add multiple photos

Can’t add multiple photos


I wish there was a way for you to completely erase history. For instance, the arrows allow for you to see go and see what a person was viewing. There should be no way to do this just for the sake of privacy! Overall though, I love the app!


After reading all the good reviews I purchased this app. I am very disappointed that the app doesn’t let you expand the photo size like you can in the photo library before you transfer it. Also the photo my be a smaller jpeg when you transfer it into the app. Had I known this I would not have made the purchase.


I forgot my password.How do I recover it ?


Don’t waste your money!! Won’t play videos, or transfer multiple pictures.


The app is not saving my videos as videos and mixing pictures and videos, not allowing me to play them... Had I not caught this and deleted he originals I would have long important files. Defeats the purpose of PAYING and using this app

Great job!

I wish you could update this amazing app to hide the apps too, not just photos and contacts ...

May I have a refund please?

This app was not what I expected. I apologize for the confusion. A refund would really help me out and would greatly increase my return business as well as my word of mouth promotion of you customer service and other products. Thanks in advance.

Could be great, but...

I would love this app, but for some reason, it compresses/reduces the size of many of pictures I import. This alone makes this app almost worthless to me. If they could fix this, it would be great.

Good Stuff

I love how this app has no adds popping up, it’s plain and simple, and has no annoying process of setting up an account or buying storage or any of that stuff. I like the simplicity of this app. Best one I’ve used.

Not worth the money until two important changes are made

1. You need to be able to select multiple images at a time for upload 2. You need to be able to download images to the app from the browser.

Multi select

Wish I was able to multi select images at once to save in the app, other than that everything is great.

Destroyed photos

Had photos in this app. First it looked like it turned photos into videos and then the photos were gone. Deleted a couple of videos as well. Unhappy, unhappy!


Needs to be able to add more than one picture aT a time

Pain in the a

You have to upload each video and picture individually. You can’t just click random files and have them automatically upload, you have to do each one separately. Serious pain

Can’t store videos

Can’t store video clips

Not that good

Should make it so if the app is deleted your stuff is still in there because I had many accounts and passwords of information and the app got deleted and now there is now way I can get them back

Restore my pic’s

Please restore my pic’s for my private calculator. 713-562-1504 Thanks.

should support iPhone X

should support iPhone X

Problems to fix

It keeps crashing maybe because of to many photos. I also wish you guys would put the option to select the amount of photos or videos you want to put in instead of going one by one

Really- I paid for this?

Useless. Others have complained that you can only import one image at a time. I just assumed that such an obvious flaw had been fixed so I paid for the app. Well, you can only import one image at a time. Silly. Also, you cannot customize the sorting order after the images are imported, something that all “image organizer” apps can do. Why is this app even trending on apples store as one of the top “paid apps? It should be trending as one of the top “ripoff” apps.

Needs improvement

You can’t zoom in on saved pictures and can only import one photo at a time. Video import is also trash...


Needs a cloud drive!

Add more functions

This app is ok, but it is nothing compared to keepsafes ok calculator+ which is now off of the App Store. Things I’d want are zoom in and adding multiple pictures. Thanks


Will not allow me to upload photos. Useless


When you want to hide something from your parents it’s perfect




i forgot my password after i locked it and i typed in all versions of my password it could be and yea im locked out i can never get that photo back


Only allows you to choose/save one picture at a time. Extremely annoying!!


This app works better than I thought it would the only thing I don’t like is that you have to have the photo on your phone in order to put it on the calculator app.


U can’t sAve long videos


Bad app can’t add multiple pics Need update


I’m really upset I liked this app but I went on and added pictures that I already deleted from my camera roll that are now gone. Thanks.

It’s very good this app.

I used to hind photos, numbers 😂 etc... i give this application 4 stars.


This is such a good app and it’s all FREE!

Wow Very Good App

I Have Rated It Five Stars You can Also Browse Private!?!?

For personal pics and vids only, no outside source vids like my x rated : (

U can only load pics and videos directly from your camera roll or pics albums. Not from The tv app where large videos R loaded. Make the app a no go for me. I want the ability to load large video files from multiple sources. No option to upload videos from my hard drive, websites or from TV app / home movies. How the heck am I suppose to save my x rated videos???




Not that good


I love it


This app is great for hiding personal things because I have 3 siblings who oftentimes go through my phone and it’s just great to have a COMPLETELY FREE app with no adds that is hidden and you are able to put personal stuff in the app... this is my POV and personally I would rate this app a 5/5


I love it because you have a password that also saves your photos in the album


Best app I’ve used so far. Unlimited photos COMPLETELY FREEEE

Great App

This app is great. Gave me everything I needed to have my private info secure. The only two things that’d make it better that I can think of are: being able to edit names of folders and being able to upload more than 1 picture or video to a folder at a time. Only reason it’s not 5 stars is because of the two things listed above, and a couple bugs I’ve encountered, like when you go to watch a video and the screen is just black. Whenever that happens I have to exit the app and try it again.

Free with no ads

My only complaint is that there has not been an update in 10 months, and that you can only import one photo at a time, and not select multiple to import.


Pleeeeeease make it so you can select more than one image at a time. I love this tho :) and it’s my first review ❤️

Is great and free

You even need to put ur personal password in the Calculator which makes it more secret

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