Fake Calculator - Secret Vault & Private Browser App Reviews

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I need help!

I forgot my password is there anyway I can reset it

I like it, but the calculator need sound

I would prefer the calculator portion of this application to make sounds when I touch the buttons.

Cool idea but

Transferring photos already on your phone takes forever! Wish you could select multiple at a time.


Good app but please move the delete button away from the full screen button, or at least add a delete confirmation pop up


I just got it and I love it so far! My only question is...if I were to get a new phone in a year or so, would I be able to keep open this app up again and type in my passcode and all my items still be there?

Sorry but

You can only upload one video or photo at a time!

Forget my password

How do you reset or retrieve a password when you forget it? Get back to me because have forgotten my password, I need to access my information in the app.


Update please

Poorly designed

Loads only pic at a time. Lousy and cumbersome

Don’t buy this app.

It’s so secret there are no directions to use it. Makes no sense how you can get your photos into the created album.

No zoom?

I can't zoom in on my pictures.

Need help

It’s a great and good app! I have many pictures and video to hide but I can’t mark them all and hide them all once, it’s only wanting me to hide them one by one which will take too much of my time. How do I mark them all and hide them all once ?


I forgot my password is there anyway I still can get in? Otherwise I love the app.


Excellent app with amazing features

Secret web browsing. Secret pictures. But making calls

Cool for private browsing. And storing pics But don’t call your private stored numbers. They show up in recent calls and billing statement if you do.

Great app

The app works great. The only thing I noticed is how would you reset your password Incase you forget it ?

Love it

I loved it so much it was all that I could ask for.❤️❤️❤️

select multiple photos

you should be able to add more than just one picture at a time, having to go back in and find a picture every time is super annoying

Text messages

Need to be able to text not jus call


I just got super ripped off. I paid 5 dollars for this and you can only add one picture at a time. This app would be awesome if you could add more than one picture at a time. But until then, DO NOT BUY


Sometimes when I go back to review my videos, they don’t play. I have to quit the app several times and reopen it to get them to work. Photos display perfectly though.

Needs at least one more feature

It would get 5 stars, but selecting every picture to move it is tedious. I wish I could select an entire album or multiple pictures.


Not able to select multiple photos at a time like you can with free apps

Hell yes

Perfect 😜

Restore photos??

I love this app so I give is 5 stars but how do I restore the data in the app. I lost my phone and now I cant find any of the photos

Pretty good

I would like to be able to save gifs and add multiple items at one time. Also I don’t know why but it sometimes make the images much smaller than they are. Would get a 5 Star if these things were fixed.


this is good app you sould definitly download it it has many features ?


It works awesome and looks just like a calculator!!! But one thing is I’d like if you could put in multiple pictures at once instead of one at a time, Otherwise I like it is is good!

Not reliable

I had hundreds of pics and videos and one day they all just disappeared. It said it was some type of error.


Is great app but how about if u forget ur password , is there any solution ?

great app

love this app it hides evrything

A disappointment non functioning

You need to load one picture at a time and many of the videos do not transfer. As a result the application is of little value and a waste of time and money. Changing passwords is either impossible too complicated. No instructions or support and low function. Sorry I wasted my two dollars

No support

Second time now that the app has had a failure and erased all my photos and videos. When directed to contact support there is no one to contact. Would not recommend.


Now I cheat in school plus no history 😏


I need help, how do I reset my code?!

Neat idea but needs more

Needs the ability to add multiple pictures at a time.

Good, but it give me issues between pics and videos

I like the app to keep private pics and videos hidden, but sometimes it won’t open pics because it thins pics are videos and viceversa. I hope this issue gets fix.

Where’s my info

I had this ap when it was free then upgraded all my ap’s and this ap disappeared with my info. I sent the ownership a message with no response. Very disappointed. Afraid to use the ap again even though I paid for it this time.

Can only add/delete one photo at a time.

Disappointed I purchased this. This app would be perfect if you could add multiple photos at a time. Also you can only delete one photo at a time in your albums.

So far, so good

Haven’t used it much but waiting to see


App seems to have ruined my pics

Cannot get it to work

No response when camera icon is pressed.

Only one problem

It would be really nice if the bottom part would go away so you could use like insta for example.


It does exactly what it says. I haven’t seen any problems with it so far. I may not use it that much but when I do it is perfectly fine and works great! I recommend it to anyone who wants any of the things it mentioned. It did take me a while to remember my password though! 😂

Needs to hold gifs and videos

Its great bit being able to have gifs and videos would make it amazing

What could be added

So I think you should add a notes section so you can write personal things down


I forgot my password and idk what to do. Other than that it’s a good app😂

Can’t add multiple photos

Can’t add multiple photos


I wish there was a way for you to completely erase history. For instance, the arrows allow for you to see go and see what a person was viewing. There should be no way to do this just for the sake of privacy! Overall though, I love the app!

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